How to buy TikTok trending Gap Brown Hoodie? August Lemonade August Lemonade

by August Lemonade

How to buy TikTok trending Gap Brown Hoodie?

Gap is in the midst of a very big, very viral year. The American mall mainstay is capitalizing on a spate of free PR courtesy of a surprising source: TikTok and Pinterest.

Earlier this year, users on Gen-Z’s platform of choice started sharing videos of themselves wearing Gap’s instantly recognizable logo hoodie, a staple of the brand’s core offering since the style was introduced in the late ‘90s. In January, TikTok star Barbara Kristoffersen raised the stakes when she uploaded a video of herself wearing the brown gap hoodie that the brand hasn’t made since the early aughts—and racked up close to two million views in the process. (On TikTok, #browngaphoodie has more than 6 million views and counting.)

Now, inevitably, the brown Gap hoodie is back. Starting today, you can get your Gap brown hoodie here.  The sweatshirts are set to deliver within 10-15 business days, which means you’ll have plenty of time to perfect your body roll before it arrives. 


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The style’s newfound popularity reflects a perfect storm of internet catnip—it simultaneously harnesses a younger generation’s nostalgia for Y2K-era fashion and taps into demand for overlooked objects of desire of years bygone. It is, in some ways, a tale as old as time. But it also marks a new milestone for TikTok’s & Pinterest growing influence in the fashion sphere, an official acknowledgment of an impact devoted fashion fans already understood.


TikTok has long been a breeding ground for new trends. Designers have taken to mining the platform for inspiration (with varying degrees of success), and the platform serves as a valuable gauge of consumer sentiment among an age group that retailers are eager to please. But the upcoming release might be the first time a brand as big as Gap has responded so explicitly to the clamoring of the ring light set. And it sure looks like a win-win for all parties. For Gap, it’s a lay-up. It’s a good-looking hoodie! It makes sense to sell it. For the teens on TikTok, the promise of internet fame—or at least, like a solid fit pic—is one purchase closer. Get this brown vintage hoodie, and this vintage Gap brown hoodie will never go out of style.